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21 Nov 2011

Her Space, Her Sanctuary, Her Woman Cave

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woman_cave_readingMany women want an area or a room in the house that is solely theirs. A place to call her own where she can unwind, relax and do what she likes. This place will be a refuge or a sanctuary, where she can let the stress of the day roll off and become rejuvenated.

Women have been at the centre of family life for years. They have needed to be available for their children. In the past, houses were smaller and the kitchen was the centre of activity. Over the years, houses were built larger so that a family could benefit from having the hub of activity in other rooms such as the living room, the family room or the basement.

A room or an alcove

While some women would love to have a specific room designated as their space or sanctuary others are just as happy with a little niche or alcove in a room. A woman's personality, the age of her children and her interests, will determine the parameters of her ideal space.

Infants, toddlers and preschoolers demand and require adult supervision at all times. School age children require adult supervision but some individual space or distance from the supervising adult is fine as long as the adult can see or hear the children. Teens enjoy having more space. Moms know their children and will know when they need to be available and the type of supervision that is needed.

In the kitchen

A woman who finds a kitchen a relaxing place may enjoy cooking or baking. Or perhaps her preference for the kitchen is based on the fact that it has natural light and it is spacious. If the woman of the house works outside of the home, she comes home to her domain, the kitchen. This room has everything just as she wants it. If not, then a woman who finds her kitchen a sanctuary will be very interested in having it renovated so that it becomes a suitable space for her to relax as she works.

A nook for a desk

A woman who likes having a computer close at hand may incorporate this into a room in the house that she finds the most relaxing and which allows her to be available to her children. The living room, dining room or family room may be the ideal place for a desk and a computer. This mom can then hear what her children are doing. The children are free to ask her questions and go back to their activity while mom is enjoying her space. If this space is not available in her home, this mom may enjoy having some changes made so that her place of refuge is available.

A complete room

An actual room with walls and a door is the ideal sanctuary for some women. In this space she can have music on or enjoy the quietness. She can have a desk with a computer, shelves, artwork, walls painted her colour choice, a window and a comfortable chair or couch. In her space are the sewing projects she is working on, or the knitting, crocheting, quilting, drawing, painting, writing, cards, scrap booking, books, clothes or movies. A bulletin board, a white board and calendar may also be on the walls, the back of the door, or near her desk. If her children are often in the basement, she may want a basement sanctuary close enough to hear what is happening but separate from the activity. Or her sanctuary may be located on the main floor or an extra bedroom upstairs.

Keep it light

A woman's space or sanctuary is very individualized. The alcove or room is planned, designed and created with her in mind. One important factor which all women want to have is light. Ample natural light provided by windows or bright lights from fixtures or lamps.

If allergies are a factor then a specially designated area of the house may be needed for a woman's space. A place where she can breathe easily and relax without having to worry about any possible triggers for her allergies.

At LindenCraft, we want to help you plan, design and build the perfect space for her sanctuary. We will do this with care and attention to detail. Imagine having a place in the house which is just for you.{jcomments off}


Here's a plush TV room, that's all woman...


This a relaxed room for working on art projects or other hobbies. Both the desk and easel are next to the window for maximum enjoyment of the light.


How many of us dream about a dressing room like this? Maybe you don't have that much space, but you can still outfit a small space with lighting and custom cabinetry.

It's hard to imagine a better place to work out than this. Placing gym equipment to face a window allows your mind to run free while you work out.

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